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Butterfly House (Sophia M. Sachs) 
Butterfly House 

Office Number
Cell Phone
Allen, Katherine 15 636 530-0076  See Outlook Butterfly House Salesperson
Bottoms, Sherry    Butterfly House Hort 1 BH
Campbell, Vickie 11 636-530-0076 314-330-3155  vickie.campbell@mobot.org Butterfly House Director
Chisholm, Laura 17 636 530-0076  laura.chisholm@mobot.org Butterfly House Manager, Collections
Gillespie, Eileen 27 636-530-0076  eileen.gillespie@mobot.org Butterfly House Event Coordinator
Hartley, Chris 13 636 530-0076  chris.hartley@mobot.org Butterfly House Supervisor, Education Programs
Hebbeln, Larimore Todd    Butterfly House Salesperson
Kerr, Alexander    Butterfly House Guest Services Attendant
Lane, Matthew    Butterfly House Instructor
Miller, Lauren 15 636-530-0076    Butterfly House Salesperson
Mullix, Jennifer 12 636-530-0076  jennifer.mullix@mobot.org Butterfly House Manager, Visitor Services & Volunteers
Perry, Jason 636 530-0076    Butterfly House Guest Services Attendant
Powell, Megan 10 636 530-0076    Butterfly House Events & Communications Specialist
Powers, Jim 41 636 530-0076  jim.powers@mobot.org Butterfly House Sr Utility Worker
Reitzell, Angie 14 636-570-0076  angela.reitzell@mobot.org Butterfly House Manager, Admissions&Retail
Salley, Patti 15 636-530-0076  patti.salley@mobot.org Butterfly House Salesperson
Stevens, Morgan    Butterfly House Sr Retail Salesperson
Underwood, Drenda 13 636-530-0076  drenda.underwood@mobot.org Butterfly House Instructor
Williams, Lisa 40 636-530-0076  lisa.williams@mobot.org Butterfly House Hort II BH
Yankoski, Tad 16 636-530-0076  tad.yankoski@mobot.org Butterfly House Entomologist I

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